Ragam '18 presents


24, 25 March 2018


    This Ragam, NITC gives participants a stage to discuss issues gripping our world today and create solutions to enhance our society. This endeavour seeks to bring students from various schools and colleges, to develop their personalities by deliberating professionally. The event aims to acquaint young minds with the working of international organizations and promote leadership by encouraging them to work within a simulation of the United Nations.

    The NITC MUN boasts committees and topics that will put the diplomatic skills of the delegates to the ultimate test. The conference fosters global citizenship and addresses current world issues related to regional conflicts, communal violence and human rights violations.

Suit up and show up.


The United Nations Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body responsible for overseeing and safeguarding human rights around the world. 47 member states, elected for three-year terms, comprise the committee. It is a subsidiary body of the United Nations General Assembly and engages mechanisms to gather expert observations and advice on human rights issues. The UNHRC addresses human rights-related situations in all UN member states, and important thematic human rights issues such as freedom of expression, freedom of belief, women's rights, LGBT rights, and the rights of racial and ethnic minorities.

Agenda: Measures to combat intolerance, discrimination, and violence based on religion or belief.


The Disarmament and International Security Committee is a crucial and powerful apportionment of the United Nations General Assembly that deliberates on matters of world peace and international security, within the scope of the United Nations Charter or relating to the powers and functions of any other organ of the United Nations, such as the principles of cooperation and those governing regulation of armaments. The committee deals with disarmament, global challenges, and threats to peace that affect the international community.

Agenda: Tackling the issue of political and social unrest in the Middle East; with special reference to disarming terrorist organizations involved in the transnational conflicts.


Mun Coordinators

Naveen Mathew


K Luke Mathew


Rayan Siyad


Event Coordinators

Sekhar Sankar


Jazeel EP